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Hot Tubs, Whirlpools, Spas

Hot tubs, Whirlpools, Spas

It's a feeling... a sense of total satisfaction.

Hard to describe, but you know it when it envelops you. The cares of the day are washed away and you enter into that soft, easy place. And, like magic, the load that was pulling at you suddenly dissolves away... in thousands of tiny, friendly bubbles.


Vita Spa

At Vita Spa, we pursue perfection in all that we create. The focus of everything we do at Vita Spa is on you. The full and complete satisfaction of our customers is our objective and the result is evident in every spa that rolls off our factory floors. For over four decades, we have been at the forefront of the hydrotherapy industry in innovation and technology and our spas are rated amongst the best in the world.


700 Series Hot Tubs : You've worked hard, here is your reward

700 Series Vita Spa Rendezvous Hot TubThe Vita Spa 700 Series embodies the quintessential blend of luxury and performance. Spirited function and design come together to create the perfect release from the day’s rigors. Or, the ideal weekend getaway…without going away. Our 700 series features many popular exclusives such as the Symphonic Wave Seat™, SenFlo™ Therapy, Roll-a-ssage™ jets and more.
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300 Series Hot Tubs : Everybody should own one

300 Series Vita Spa Elegant Hot TubThat’s exactly what we said to ourselves when assembling our 300 series. So we created the perfect combination of innovation, quality and affordability. You also get the confidence and quality you would expect from Vita Spa, at a price that is sure to please. > Learn More at Vita Spa


LA Spas

L.A. Spas has led the industry in hot tub design, manufacturing and innovation since 1976. Whether it’s a daily soak in the most ergonomic lounger on the market, or a cozy evening with family under the stars, you’ll love your L.A. Spas hot tub. L.A. spas provide unmatched quality, beauty and reliability.

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LA Spas