BBQ Grill Accessories

Mastering the Art of Barbecue
Whether you're a championship barbecue competitor or simply a novice smoking enthusiast, Leisure City has the grill accessories for you. We offer the best rubs & sauces, lump charcoal, and fire starters.

Saber Grate Cleaner

Deep clean your grates with the SABER Grill Grate Cleaner. This foaming cleaner clings to hard-to-reach areas to loosen the toughest baked-on food and oil. Brush and rinse the cleaner off your grates and you’re ready to grill your next meal.

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Saber Grill Accessories

The SABER Premium 3-Piece Tool Set is heavy-duty and includes everything you need to grill your favorite meal. The set includes a stainless steel spatula and fork, plus locking-tongs. These tools are built for comfort with soft grip handles.

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Lumber Jack Grilling Wood Pellets

Exceptional flavor and performance from the backyard BBQ to the professional meat smoking facility. Simple! The flavor of any tree is in the Metabolites or cambium layer of the growing tree. This means that all BBQ pellets made from residual sawdust as a by-product are generally comprised of the core kiln dried wood. For example, the sawdust from a hickory furniture or hammer handle factory is void of flavor or has only a very weak carryover from the growth in the cambium layer. When the old timers smoked meat and fish they did not take the bark off the wood they gathered for this very same reason. We are a round log plant which means we harvest actual trees and chip them up as green chips, with full flavor to make our BBQ pellets.

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The Good-One Lump Charcoal

The Good-One Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal contains chunks of kiln-fired Pecan, Hickory and Oak trees harvested from Central Missouri hardwood forests. The Good-One Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal lights in half the time of ordinary briquet’s. It’s only 10 minutes from lighting to 900-degree cooking. Good-One Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal burns hotter and drier, caramelizing the natural sugars in food and sealing in flavor and moisture.

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