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Like everything in your home, there will be times when your hot tub requires some form of repair or fixing. Some problems with your hot tub will require very little effort to fix, while others may require a great deal of work. Most problems have several possible causes, hence several possible solutions. Common problems associated with spas are often related to the hot tub's filter, water heater, pump and motor. These topics constitute about 75 percent of the problems you will experience with your hot tub. Hot tub filters often become clogged, dirty and ineffective over time. Problems associated with the water are often a result of poor filters or chemical imbalances resulting in dirty water. Even if you didn't purchase your hot tub from us our factory trained technicians will diagnose the problem quickly, perform the necessary repairs, and allow you to enjoy your hot tub again in no time.

CAUTION: Electrical repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. We recommend that you do not try these repairs yourself please contact our qualified technicians to perform your repairs.

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